A 10-minute short film combining live shooting and stop motion
by Étienne Jaxel-Truer and Florence Jenner Metz


A musical tale for big and small dreamers

In the Square Symphonie, what a noise, it’s a real cacophony!
But with a well-run pastry whip, a well-pedalled drill and a healthy garbage can, Mademoiselle Ritournelle, Mémé Mélodie and Clown Pipo will finally prove to be excellent musicians.

The Square Symphonie is a short film, mixing real shooting and stop motion, which features a puppeteer struggling with a funny multicolored installation. Quickly this machine becomes autonomous and takes us into an extraordinary world, made of bric and broc.

It is a poetic and musical story, in which the challenge is to discover sound worlds and concrete music.

Audience : Family
Authors : Étienne Jaxel-Truer
Dialogue : Florence Jenner Metz
Visual creation : Gérard Collas
Composer : Anthony Boulc’h
Director : Étienne Jaxel-Truer

With the support of the Grand Est Region, in partnership with the CNC

Promenons nous dans les bois - EJT prod

Via Vosges

Région Grand Est


Maison du film