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In terms of dramaturgy, a backstory concerns the past experience of a character, which shapes his actions and choices to advance the story. Backstory Media can count on a team who are agile and experienced in production, with the added value of a strong editorial capacity, as well as a postproduction studio created for the needs of the recurring digital series Stories of Conflict produced for ARTE and broadcast in several European countries.

With a real desire to coproduce with others cultures and languages, Backstory Media currently has several projects in development and production with international issues. His founder, Julien Coquet, was born in Switzerland and has a franco-german background through Strasburg, Freiburg, Berlin… Endowed with a strong european culture, accustomed to hybrid works, the company is developing know-how in the production of series for platforms, in particular for Arte or France Télévisions, as well as originals feature documentaries in coproduction, and directs its editorial line towards ambitious projects for Science, Knowledge and Society slots, for the international market.


Producing documentaries for television and cinema, placing the author’s point of view and dramaturgy at the center of our artistic requirement.


Explore the new narrative challenges offered by 360 immersion (live shooting or 3D animation) and integrate these innovative technologies into an emerging market.

Transmedia narratives

Tell original stories on the web, by engaging the public in a suitable format, or on the contrary in the franking of formats, by placing interactivity at the center of the device.

Our know-how

We provide artistic and financial support to authors and directors, in order to define the best strategy for each project and position each film in the reality of the audiovisual market, always with respect for editorial intentions.

In our toolkit: proofreading, writing and dramaturgy for old and new media/ preparation of dossiers (pitch, memorandum of intent, synopsis) / development strategy and search for funding (Regions, CNC, broadcasters, foundations, crowdfunding) / international co-production/ 360° shooting and VR/ interactive storytelling/ transmedia architecture/ web-design/ database of more than 100 intermittent and creative talents in France and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.


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